THE MUSE OF NEWMARKET  written by Suzanne Hawkes

For eleven years England had been in the throes of a very turbulent time in her history. With Oliver Cromwell as Lord Protector and England effectively a Commonwealth still suffering from the divisions of religion and politics that had ripped families and counties apart  - entertainment had been driven underground and theatre companies disbanded and forced to seek other employment.

But with the restoration of Charles II and the English monarchy in 1660, there dawned a new age of enlightenment and the pursuit of pleasure. Charles opened up the theatres and restored leisure pursuits such as cock fighting, hawking and at Newmarket –horse racing.  

Robert Palmer’s small troupe , based in Newmarket, has been reduced to playing for pennies at Bartholomew Fair -  but with Charles’ impending visit to his new palace Robert is instructed to produce a play fit for the king. Will he manage to find something in time  - and the players to perform it well? Or risk being thrown into the Tower in disgrace with his reputation in tatters.

Meanwhile – we meet Aphra Behn, the first English woman to earn money from being a writer, who with the help of Robert’s players tells her own story of her rise from obscurity through spying for the king, travelling, adventuring, surviving marriage and the plague to finally becoming the most famous and successful female writer of the 17th Century.  

With original songs, live music and lots of humour


Two Sisters Arts Centre

Thurs 12th/Fri 13th 7.30pm

Sat 14th 2.30pm

Christchurch Mansion, Ipswich

Sat 15th 6pm

National Horse Racing Museum, Newmarket

Open Air Performances

Sat 20th 4pm

Sun 21st 2.30pm

Tickets: £14 Full Price £12 Over 60’s & Students

 Available from the Box Office 01394 279613

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